Tuesday 19 January 2016

The State of Testing, and a Clean Slate of Testing

The annual state of testing survey is now open, and I’d encourage anyone reading this who is involved in software testing to respond to the survey. It is the largest survey of the testing industry and provides excellent insights into how the industry is working and progressing as a whole.

From looking at the 2015 survey it’s amazing how testing has changed in the 9 years since I started working at RainStor. Back then it was my first agile role and agile testing was something of a niche market to those of us involved. In the 2015 survey 88% of testers report that they work in agile teams. Similarly exploratory methods have grown from being a peripheral activity too being central to many testing approaches, with 85% of testers in 2015 reporting that they used some exploratory approaches in their testing. This is a really positive trend for the industry and I think provides a great outlook for the nature of testing jobs in the future.

I hope in some way that the posts I’ve written have helped some folks to achieve their own ‘state of testing’ , whatever that may be. For me personally, I’m sad to say that this marks the end of my testing journey art RainStor. I have felt for some time that the time to move on was long overdue, yet for various reasons wasn't able to move on, now that decision has been taken out of my hands. Even when working in as lean and agile a way as possible, it is hard in a small organisation not to build up to a state of ‘muddy boots’ with accumulated responsibilities and burdens, particularly when you are of the mindset of ‘knuckling down’ and tackling problems that come up head on. I am looking forward to cleaning my boots and making a fresh start in whatever state of testing I find myself in next. Wherever my next move takes me I hope is that it provides me with the opportunity to write, speak and generally involve myself in the testing community to a greater degree than I’ve been able to in the past year, as it is this involvement in an active and vibrant testing community that makes my ‘state of testing’ a happy state to be in.

Please take the time to complete the state of testing questionnaire, and I look forward to seeing the results of everyone’s ‘state of testing’ when the survey results are published.

image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mrgiles/6461378991

Anonymous said...

Economies around the world are in flux and testing - as well as documentation - are usually the first to get go, due to budgetary restrictions. I wish you all the best in finding a new, challenging and exciting position! Meanwhile, ply your blogging skills - companies are looking for writing talent!

Unknown said...

Hi Adam, it is with great sadness that I come to this post.

It has been a tremendous honour to have worked with you all these years and I sincerely hope our professional paths cross again one day so we can again share ideas (and banter).

I hope your next state is a happy state, but not a global one!

Best -- WOB

Declan O'Riordan said...

Pluck the day when it is ripe for plucking!
Good luck Adam.

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