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Talks and Publications

This is a selection of the talks and videos that are upcoming or that I've done in the last couple of years.

The Risk Questionnaire

I presented a talk based on my approach of using a Risk Questionnaire to assess acceptable risk at:

Fractal Exploratory Testing

I've presented a talk based around my posts on Fractal Exploratory Testing and The Living Test Strategy at

Birmingham Testing Meetup - What Testers can Learn from Marketing

Marketers have a mature and well defined set of techniques used in campaign management for identifying targets, verifying delivery and assessing effectiveness of campaigns. I'll take a look at some of these techniques from a perspective of what software testers might be able to adapt from them to help in our work. I wrote up this talk as a post in March and presented at the Birmingham Tester Meetup The slides are here -

Some comments:-

@ranjitsh - insightful, informative, thoughtful, thought provoking talks from @friendlytester and @adampknight at #BrummieTesterMeetup
jlottosen - @adampknight is making an excellent comparison towards good testing.
@jlottosen - @FriendlyTester @adampknight awesome topic! Can I have slides?
Richard Bradshaw - @FriendlyTester @adampknight "Market research is not the only factor in deciding the business decision"
Richard Bradshaw @FriendlyTester @adampknight The Market Research Process pic.twitter.com/oMlTfI8MPU
neill mccarthy @MccarthyNeill - @KeithKlain @PerScholas working it in a pub in Birmingham @adampknight #brummietestermeetup ;) pic.twitter.com/LFIkvv2In2
neill mccarthy @MccarthyNeill - @sjpknight @adampknight apparently marketing has a 6 step plan; I always thought it was 12? Testers in a pub... pic.twitter.com/4mJKqIvJ7Z
Simon Knight @sjpknight - Both marketing and testing depend on understanding what it is that people actually want. @adampknight #BrummieTesterMeetup

Agile Testing Days- Big Data Small Sprint

I presented at a series of conferences on the challenges of testing Big Data in an Agile Context in talks themed around Big Data, Small Sprint
Example slides are available here:-

ATD feedback:-
"It was great meeting Adam at ATD. And our conversations throughout the evening were invaluable! Unsurprisingly, his talk was fantastic" Dan Ashby
"I found your speech very interesting. I usually do completely different things in my day to day work. It was excellent opportunity for me to extend my testing knowledge. Big Data is complex topic and you explained it very well from many points of view (how to create team, how to approach testing, what are the important areas to cover etc) It's very good starting point and guide to whoever face big data challenge. " - Talk Attendee
"Awesome talk!" - Talk Attendee

UKTMF Big Data Session

I'm running a discussion session on Testing and Big Data at UKTMF Forum in July

TestBash - Survival of the Fit-Tester

My talk from TestBash 2012 "Survival of the Fit-Tester was based on the series of blog posts I wrote in January 2012. The slides are available on Prezi

and a recording of the session can be viewed here:-

Survival of the Fit-Tester - Adam Knight from Software Testing Club on Vimeo.

EuroStar 2011 - An Evolution into Specification By Example

I spoke at EuroStar in a well received talk on the evolutionary nature of Agile development and how it has shaped the testing team that I work with. Video is not available but the slides are here - An Evolution Into Specification By Example and the summary is here.

EuroStar - Sources of Learning for Software Testers

An interview at EuroStar 2012 where I talk on practical sources of learning for testers.

STC Meetup Oxford 2011

A lightning talk at a fantastic night of discussion.

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